Starting today, softly

As with any touring installation, there’s a certainty and familiarity that comes with replicating a work. Though no matter how many times we crawl through a space to install Rain; an installation performance for babies and their carers, the surprising nature of site-specificity continues to throw us new experiences and content for future deliberation. This week, for Castlemaine State Festival, we’ve crawled and scaled day and night through the Old Castlemaine Gaol, an offering of fresh, transcendental softness for those with the youngest of people for this fleeting month of starts today!

The mechanics of our practice amidst our daily lives, is a recurring subject that emerges amongst every project, in fact, its foundational. Making work for the very tiniest of audiences, has paradoxically amplified many of the physicalities and interactions of customising for a delicate audience. The joys and pitfalls of these physical demands and late hours will not be lost on the everyday carer's in our midst (including one of our very own), and perhaps it is appropriate that in the making of such a space, exhaustion is given room to breathe and be. Noticing the working of our bodies in the space, the movement of our knot tying hands, passing material between us, those shoulders pushing fixings into the ceiling, fascinates and indulges our inclination towards emergence based research and practice. 

All that...AND we get the pleasure of experiencing the exceptional and artistic biennial Castlemaine State Festival. What a dream...we'll be sure to post some recommendations soon from the front rows.