January was spent amongst many tiny and curious things! Our season at the Royal Botanic Gardens, both in Melbourne and Cranbourne, kicked off the new year in wondrous style and was rich and full and endlessly fascinating. We had the most wonderful time with everyone who came along. The Boy Who Loved Tiny Things will no doubt continue to explore new worlds, but our first stop at the Melbourne Herbarium and the Australian Garden with our super collaborators Zoë Barry and Drop Bear Theatre was one for the Ages!



Four pairs of eyes to see; four pairs of ears to hear; four pairs of hands to make and hold; four minds to imagine and create.

We are four women who love to work together, yet synchronising four lives can be so tricky. As the seasons change and the thread stretches further between us, we hold on; noticing, remembering, imagining, being with each other in our thoughts and waiting for our next opportunity to work in the flow of each other’s trusted company again.

Four of us and one whispering Seam.


 Our tools waiting for us.  Bodies at Rest,  2015. Dorm One of The Rosina Building, The Abbotsford Convent.

Our tools waiting for us. Bodies at Rest, 2015. Dorm One of The Rosina Building, The Abbotsford Convent.


You know how toddlers are really really good at just getting into life and working out how it is all put together? Each in their own way, but always in a totally sensory 'lets get under the bonnet and have a look shall we' kind of way? It's messy, and good. Well we might all be crazy, but we have made a new theatre-based work with our Rain collaborators for just such children. 

Our five days of development at Arts Centre Melbourne had three performances a day, with fifteen toddlers and their families at each performance...AND we managed to change it every time! Sitting in the chaos, making big spatial gestures, observing, listening and echoing precious moments. What a week! We are tremendously grateful for the support of Arts Centre Melbourne in this new work. We know so much more about it now and gee, do we need a little rest! See more about the project here.


The tiny shiny bells that were hidden inside pockets and burrows inside the space, July 2016 development, Arts Centre Melbourne